Left to dry
Three city dwelling artists go on a landscape painting outing near Matheran Hills, Navi Mumbai. The local kids living in a village nearby become curious on lookers. After some casual interaction between the two parties, the village kids start spray painting on the rocks and sing some folk melodies.
Once the sun sets and it gets darker, the village kids leave. The city dwellers are in a dilemma though, whether to carry the paintings - which are still wet with paint - in their car or come back the next day to pick it up. They decide to come back the next day and pick up the paintings from the same spot.

When they arrive at the same spot the next day, the paintings are gone. They look around and ask some local village kids if they know where the paintings are. The kids say, they do not know. There was this one kid though, standing separately from the rest of the group who was laughing mischievously. Upon inquiry, this kid points towards the village.
The city dwellers walk to the village and ask the kids again if they know anything about the paintings. They promise the kids that they only want to take pictures of the paintings and the kids can keep the paintings - if they have taken it. After some persuasion and more pointers from the laughing kid, the paintings are finally located. They are hidden behind some trees in a courtyard.

As promised, the city dwellers take photos of the paintings and give it back to the kids. The kids carry the paintings back to their village and this time instead of hiding the paintings, they happily display it to everyone in the village.